Volume manicure with Deep Design stencils

Дата публикации 01/25/2017

At the moment, deep design has become especially popular in the manicure area. It may be created by using so-called deep design stencils. The technology is quite new, but is already in high demand among ladies.


Why choose deep design?

These stencils help to create custom nail designs, plus, you can do it by yourself. Each stencil model has a specific theme and is related to specific blocks. The collection of stencils includes only original and actual types of ornament. In particular, these manicure stencils contain about 70 patterns, each of which is popular.

Deep design stencils are used by experts and at home almost all over the world. They have three functions. In other words, they consist of:

1.stencil which allows you to create Deep design;

2.template to form a volumetric decor;

3.airbrush stencils.

How to do manicure by using these stencils?

It does not matter what type of these products you will use, for example, airbrush stencils, all you need is to follow the instructions to do excellent manicure with your own hands.

1.The first stage consists in the standard preparation of nail plates, which involves the removal of old polish coating and cuticles, as well as the treatment, so that the nails look well-groomed and attractive.

2.You need to apply a thin layer of the base coating layer, which is for the gel polish, then carefully dry it under UV lamps for 2 minutes.

3.You need to apply 2 layers of colored gel polish, and each subsequent layer should be dried under the lamp for 2 minutes.

4.Next, you need to carefully remove the stencil from the base and paste it on the color coating.

5.The stencil is covered with a thin layer of colored gel polish. You may use acrylic powder for a special effect or use an airbrush to make the most incredible manicure in the world.

6.Remove the stencils one by one as accurately as possible.

7.Dry the nails under the lamp during 2 minutes.

8.If there is a need, you may apply an additional top layer which also should be dried under the lamp.


Manicure based on application of stencils looks very stylish and fashionable, and what is more - it is not difficult to do it.

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