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Contract manicure with net

30 Mar 2019
by Елена Иванова

We continue to acquaint you with our new products. The hero of this review will be a design with a discreet contrasting geometry.

To perform this manicure, we need:

  • Base and top for gel polish;
  • Color gel polish;
  • Slider design;
  • Scissors;
  • Tweezers;
  • Water;
  • Paper napkin;
  • Silicone brush;
  • Gel polish lamp;
  • Liquid to remove the sticky layer;
  • Baf or glass file.



At first we put base and color gel varnish. Today we decided to do a black and white manicure using Cristina gel polishes (shades 1323 and 1348).


As a design, we take a slider from BPW.Style, suitable for any background (number 5-1509).


To consolidate this design, we need a sparse base, scissors, a paper napkin, water, a bag and a bit of dexterity:

First we cut out the design fragments we need and place them in water for a few seconds;

Apply a thin layer on the color coating;

We take the design out of the water, remove the water from the design with a paper napkin, separate the design from the substrate and gently put it on the base with tweezers;

Silicone brush smooths irregularities, we press the design to the material. Particular attention should be paid to the edges, because it is from them that the detachments begin;

The extra length of the design at the end of the nail bend perpendicular to the nail plate;

Dry in the lamp;

Take the buff or soft file and remove the excess length of the slider from the end of the nail;

We cover the design with a top, sealing the entire design completely.

Dry and remove the sticky layer.

Here we have such a cute design with black stripes.




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