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How to use gel polish sliders (decal stickers)

25 Jan 2017
by John Doe

Beautiful and well-groomed hands make a woman more beautiful. In fact, most men pay attention to the hands of their lady and, if they are not well-groomed, not accurate, it immediately spoils the impression. However, it is wonderful that the modern industry of beauty and manicure does not stand still, and practically every woman can afford the service of a manicurist.

foil decal sticker

If you do not have time to go to the manicurist, do not be upset, as the special technologies will enable you to do your own beautiful manicure at home. To do this, you do not even need to be good at drawing, you can simply create a beautiful nail design that will not be inferior to anything that is done in a beauty salon by a professional. You may turn it in reality with the help of gel polish sliders.

At the present time, gel polish holds leading positions, which is completely unsurprising, as it remains on the nails for at least two-three weeks, or even more. Once you do such a manicure, you will not be worried about its cracking, splitting off or scratching. From now on, you will be able to do your homework without worrying about the spoiled manicure.

How to apply sliders (decal stickers) to gel polish?

Manicure with sliders has its particular feature, which consists in the fact that it is easy to do it and no special knowledge is required for this. Even a beginner can create such a design.

The slider is a small paper plate with a pattern. In order to stick the pattern on the nail, it is necessary to cut the slider for one nail and moisten it in water. And after that, you need to separate the pattern from the paper and press it against the nail plate, sop up the excess moisture, apply the top coating and dry it under the lamp.

Design with sliders will allow you to save a considerable amount of money on the services of a professional manicurist and to create an unusual, interesting manicure on a constant basis.

Nowadays there are a lot of certain popular patterns. They include:

1. Varied floral designs, as well as flowers;

2. Animals and birds (cats, dogs, bunnies, etc.);

3. Hearts, lovely inscriptions;

4. Portraits of various people, especially famous people (sliders with portraits of Merlin Monroe are the most popular);

5. Heroes of cartoons, animated series and, of course, anime;

6. Abstractions;

7. Sliders with landscapes and paintings by famous artists;

8. Circles, squares, arrows and much more.

Thanks to the fact that there is a huge selection of sliders on the market, every girl will be able to find a desirable pattern which will match a particular manicure.

foil secal nail sticker

How to apply the slider (decal stickers) to gel polish properly?

Sliders are presented in several variants, so each type is applied in a particular manner.

1. Stickers to be used for a transparent coating. This kind of sliders already has a clear border, and therefore it is recommended to stick it on the finished manicure.

2. The most universal sliders are those with a strong pattern, as they can be used with any coating, colored or transparent, or simply fixed on the nail plate.

3. Stickers that can be used without previous treatment of the nail plate. For this type of sliders it is required only to cut them out according to the desired size, dip them into the water and then press down to the nail. And now the manicure will be ready in just a few minutes.

General scheme of application

how to use decal stickers

Now you do not need to find time to go to the salon and do manicure. Slider design for gel polish is a way to change. Our company provides products for instant transformation for little money.

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