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manicure with hieroglyphs

23 Jul 2019
by Елена Иванова

Not so long ago, a new product appeared in the assortment of our store - metallized sliders in combination with bulk printing. Today we will show an example of a manicure with a 3d2000 design from this new line.

To perform this manicure, we need:

  • Base and top for gel polish;
  • Color gel polish;
  • Slider design;
  • Scissors;
  • Tweezers;
  • Water;
  • Silicone brush;
  • Paper napkin;
  • Gel polish lamp;
  • Liquid to remove the sticky layer.


First, apply the base and color coating. Today we chose the white and yellow shades of Crisitna gel polish (number 1323 and 1432) and mixed them to get a soft yellow color.


And as a design, take a slider from BPW.Style with a 3D effect (number 3D2000).


Apply a thin layer of top to the color coat to secure the slider (we used the top from MollonPRO) and place it in the lamp for 5 seconds.

Design cut and put in the water. Slider is dried on paper napkin, separated from the substrate and put on a sticky layer of the top. Silicone brush gently smoothes it on the surface. We send to dry in the lamp.

To consolidate the design, press the same top brush and apply it with a thin layer. Dry in the lamp and remove the sticky layer.




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