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Summer manicure with fruits

09 Feb 2019
by Елена Иванова

We have something gray and incomprehensible on the street. The weather changes from -10 to +2. On such days, I especially want spring to come quickly, and better summer. and while we are waiting for the calendar spring, it’s time itself to decorate your legs with a warm summer manicure. We offer you the idea of juicy summer nail design with fruit.

To complete the design we need:

  • Base and top for gel polish;
  • Color gel polish;
  • Sliders;
  • Scissors;
  • Water;
  • Tweezers;
  • Silicone brush;
  • Gel polish lamp;
  • Liquid to remove the sticky layer



First you need to apply the base, as well as colored gel Polish. Today we chose the bright yellow and orange gel varnishes Cristina (shades 1431 and 1432).


And for the decoration took a slider from BPW.Style with a 3D effect (number 3d-139).


To fix the slider with the effect of 3D, the "wet base" method works best.

To do this, apply on a color coating base. The important point is that it does not need to be dried before applying the slider. In this case, the film on which the drawing is applied will begin to melt.

Slider must be separated from the substrate with water, remove the water with a paper napkin and gently put with tweezers on undried base.

Silicone brush can press the corners of the design. Move the design on the base is not worth it, otherwise it will begin to smear.

After that, the base and design are placed in the lamp to dry for one minute.

It can be said that the problem of fixing the design was solved at the previous stage, but the manicure needs to be covered with a top: this protects the manicure from chipping, gives gloss and does not allow the covering to get dirty.

To do this, press the top brush, and gently apply the material, trying to keep the volume of the design.

Dry in the lamp and remove the sticky layer.

Here we have a bright summer design with fruit.






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