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Volume manicure with crystals

18 Feb 2019
by Елена Иванова

We are often asked what is the difference between the 3d glass effect slider from the bulk slider and whether there are strazies on the sticker. The answer is: no, it's not rhinestones. The difference from conventional designs is that special translucent lenses resembling droplets are printed here. Today we will show another version of manicure using the 3D glass effect.

To perform this manicure, we need:

  • Base and top for gel polish and fasten slider design;
  • Color gel polish;
  • Slider design;
  • Scissors;
  • Tweezers;
  • Water;
  • Silicone brush;
  • Liquid to remove the sticky layer;
  • Lamp for the polymerization of gel varnish.



First you need to put the base.


As well as color gel polish. We applied two layers of NeoNail soft blue gel polish (shade 3648).


For decoration, we take a slider design from BPW with a glass effect (number 3d-182).


Already familiar to us 3D design with the effect of rhinestones, and we will fasten it as a 3D design.

To do this, we apply a thin layer of a loose base on the color coating, and we carefully place the design on it. Why neat? The base immediately begins to melt the film on which the design is applied, and it will be very difficult to move it.

Using a silicone brush or any other tool, press the corners of the design, smooth it on the surface and dry it in a lamp like a regular base for one minute.

In order that the design does not get dirty, and the coating itself has a gloss, it is necessary to cover all this with a top. There is only one small problem - the top should not smooth out the effect of volume, otherwise what is the point in this design.

Wring out the brush from the top and gently cover the nail plate with a thin layer of material. Dry in the lamp for another minute.

Remove the sticky layer.

Here we have such a cute design with multi-colored lenses.




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