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Autumn manicure

by Елена Иванова

Today we will tell you about an autumn leaves manicure.

You need the following tools to do this manicure:

1. Gel-polish base (we use HYBRID CARE SALON TREND UV/LED BASE COAT);

2. White or light gel-polish (for example Mollon Pro Gel Polish HYBRID CARE SALON TREND UV/LED №139);

3. Nail decal sticker (we use BPW.Style 1-1131)

4. Viscous top for gel-varnish (we use, HYBRID CARE SALON TREND UV/LED TOP COAT);

5. Water;

6. Tweezers;

7. Napkin;

8. Soft nail file;

9. Scissors;

10. Silicone pusher;

11. Primer.

gel polish molln pro

Apply Mollon PRO base to all the nails, and then two layers of Cristina white gel-varnish (shade 1323).

white gel polish

We have already told you about one method of applying slider-design. Today we want to share with you another way of applying decal nail stickers to gel-polish. The method of application to the wet base is very effective, but, unfortunately, it requires some skill, since the base dissolves the design film very quickly and it is no longer possible to move the design along the nail plate. This method will be much easier in this regard, but here you need to be more careful.

For this method of application, we need a viscous top, suitable for slider design, for example, Mollon Pro top.

autumn nail stickers

Apply a top layer to the dried white gel-varnish and dry it a little: from several seconds to half a minute, depending on the lamp power. This will help the top to become more solid, but at the same time to keep a very good sticky layer.

For this purpose, we have chosen the BPW.Style slider design "BPW.Style" (number 1-1131).

nail stickers with autumn leaves

Cut out the sliders, adjusting them to the shape of the nail plate..

autumn manicure

Once the slider is taken out of the water, put it on a dry paper napkin to get rid of water. Separate the slider from the substrate and put it on a slightly dried top. This method has a huge advantage in comparison with the previous one: the sticky layer of the top makes it easy to move the film along the nail plate until we reach the desired position.

Once the film is in the correct position, pull it well and remove the air with a soft pusher or napkin, which was put on the finger. Make sure that the film is well attached to the nail plate and dry it. Then move a soft file (we recommend using a glass file) perpendicularly to the edge, removing the remaining slider. Here you use the primer to treat the edge, but you need to do this very carefully since the primer can dissolve the pattern if you use a brush twice to treat the same place

manicure with autumn leaves

After that, we need a viscous top again. When applying the slider-design based on this method, you need to be even more careful and make sure that absolutely all areas of the film are sealed. Apply two layers of top and dry them.

If you do everything right, the slider design will be on the nail plate before the varnish removal and bring you joy with its pattern. We have created an autumn manicure, absolutely suitable for this time of year.

manicure for autumn

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