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Design with velvet sand

by Елена Иванова

Today we present the idea of the design of nails with velvet sand. And of course we can not do without our constant helpers - sliders-stencils. For this design we chose decal nail sticker 1-1348. If you want to learn how to draw such patterns yourself, we recommend to use trainig cards for practicing the skills of painting.

To perform this type of design we will need:

  • Base and top for gel-varnish;
  • White gel-polish (or any other color for your taste);
  • Slider design with patterns that we want to see on the nails;
  • Liquid base or top for slider-design;
  • Black gel-paint or a dense viscous gel-varnish;
  • Thin brush;
  • Clear acrylic powder;
  • Scissors;
  • Tweezers;
  • Water;
  • Napkin for blotting slider-design;
  • Orange stick / silicone brush / silicone claw;
  • Lamp for polymerization of gel-varnish;
  • Liquid for removing the sticky layer;
  • Buff or glass nail file


As usual, first we put the base: level and strengthen the nail plate, and after-apply a white gel-polish (or any other color, to your taste). We applied two layers of Cristina gel-lacquer (shade 1323).

As a stencil we used slider BPW, number 1-1348.


To fix the slider design, you can use two methods:

  • On a wet base;
  • Or on a slightly dried top for slider design.

About both ways, we have repeatedly told in our past articles.

After the top on the slider-design has dried, it is necessary to remove the sticky layer, so that the material that we will draw does not spread over the sticky layer.


Well, then we begin to create. We take your favorite thin brush. A prerequisite is that it does not crumble, as we will draw thin lines. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you buy a brush Roubloff striper 10. We type the material (we used a black gel-paint Royal) and begin to trace a picture of the slider design.

To achieve a velvet effect, we used transparent acrylic powder, but a special velvet sand would be better.

If you are hesitating to paint, it is better to sprinkle with acrylic and polymerize after several lines, and then continue working.

When the whole pattern is surrounded and powdered, dry well and shake the powder with a brush.

If you draw a picture in light tones, then "velvet" may eventually become contaminated. In order to extend the neat appearance of the manicure, you can walk almost dry with a brush from the top with trampling movements on the powder after drying and dry again.

Here's an unusual design we have, hands and stretch it once again to touch :)





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