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Design with a volume lace

by Елена Иванова

Traditionally, summer is a season of weddings. And the most popular manicure among brides is the design of nails with lace. Today we will share with you the idea of doing a lace manicure with 3D 3D sliders from BPW.style.

To perform this manicure, we will need:

  • Base for gel-polish;
  • Color gel-polish;
  • Top for gel-polish;
  • Liquid base for fixing the slider-design;
  • Slider design with 3D effect;
  • Scissors;
  • Water;
  • Napkin for removing excess moisture from the slider-design;
  • Glass nail file;
  • Lamp for polymerization of gel-polish




As usual, you first need to put a base and a color coating.


In order to get the effect of three-dimensional lace, we take decal nail by BPW 3d-104


To fix such a slider-design, we put it on a liquid base. In this case, we used a database from MollonPRO.

  • We soak the design in water
  • Using a dry napkin, we remove excess water;
  • We apply a thin base layer to the color coating;
  • We put the design on the base, level, remove the air from under the film;
  • Dry the base with the slider in the lamp (make sure that all corners of the three-dimensional design fit well to the nail plate);
  • After drying, go through a glass file at the end of the nail plate to remove excess material;
  • A well-pressed brush from the base once again goes through the design, paying special attention to the edges of the design. It is very important to squeeze the brush as much as possible, so as not to pour material on the design and not equalize the volume;
  • We cover with one more layer, this time top. And again squeeze the brush. We dry. We used the top without an adhesive layer, so you do not need to remove the sticky layer.







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