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How to Draw Monograms on Nails

by Елена Иванова

The hands of a woman should always be attractive. For this purpose, there are many techniques for drawing a picture on the nail plate. Adornment in the form of monograms is considered quite popular, as many women choose it.


Peculiarities of Drawing

There are three techniques to draw the monograms on the surface of the nail plate. Each of them is unique in its own way:

1. Stamping technique is characterized by applying monograms with the help of metal stencils which have the desired pattern. A disadvantage consists in the fact that it is not possible to use imagination, and manicure can be created only in accordance with ready-made options.

2. You can use special stickers that have an adhesive layer and allow you to create the most incredible decor options. Once the part of the nail that is not glued is varnished, the sticker is removed.

3. The most labor-intensive process is the manual application of monograms, but this option is not suitable for beginners and, most likely, will disappoint them. Here, you need to be accurate and professional.

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Nuances You Need to Know About

When teaching the technique of applying monograms on the nail plate, it is worth paying attention to a number of nuances without which it is impossible to do a beautiful manicure:

1. Classic nail art design should be unicoloured, but you can apply two shades for more youthful and bright options.

2. If the composition requires drawing intersecting curls, they should be applied after the main pattern has dried.

3. It is not desirable to apply too many lines, as it may create an impression of bad taste.

In order to draw a monogram, it is worth using a special tool in the form of the thinnest medium-sized brush. An excellent option is a brush with artificial bristles, which will make the application more uniform and will not create any streaks. Curls are created with the help of dots. If the stamping technique involves the formation of lace, the varnish used for monograms may be standard, but at the same time, it must be rich in contrast.

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Important Aspects of Training

If you want to become a manicurist, you should be ready to dedicate a lot of time to the diligent study of techniques for applying various decor options, especially, monograms.

It is worth noting that such an ornament as a monogram may seem easy at first glance, but it requires a competent and clear approach. In this case, it is important to be careful in order not to blur the image and not to make corners instead of rounding. All of this will affect the aesthetics of the future manicure.

When drawing curls on the nails, you need to pay attention to two especially important aspects.

1. A drawing made on one nail may not be the same on the next one, besides it may be not so good.

2. Do not try to repeat the same ornament. The ornaments should be similar to each other, but they should not be a perfect copy.


If you take these aspects into account, you can protect yourself from the disappointment in your work and sharpen your skills to the extent that each monogram will be really perfect. The specialists recommend the beginners to start their training on a sheet of paper, then on artificial nail plates, and only then to start practicing. In addition, you can master your skills with acrylic paints rather than varnishes, which will be more convenient.

Once you study all the special features of decorating nails with monograms, you will be able to create the most original manicure, which will amaze even the most demanding client.


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