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Nud french geometric manicure

by Елена Иванова

Nude manicure is definitely our favorite. But how to give it originality? Our answer is with the help of sliders. Previously, we have repeatedly suggested to you the idea of using transfer decals in the design of nails. In this MK we will share with you the idea of a geometric French manicure using gradient sliders BPW.style. More stickers aerography effect in our catalogue

So, what we need to create this design:



With the help of a thick base for gel-varnish we strengthen the nails and give them a shape.


As a coating for nails, we chose camouflage gel-varnish Kodi, shade 69. This is one of the most realistic camouflage that we have met. In two layers this shade gives a dense color, but here we put it in one layer, as in the future we plan to cover the free edge with a slider-design.


We decided to make a kind of French manicure, just a triangular shape and black. To do this, we use a slider design with the aerography effect BPW 3-71.


Scissors make the slider design the right shape. As a fix for the slider design, we used the "slightly dried top" method. Use in this case a better top, suitable for slider design, namely thick and viscous. Ideally suited to the top of the Mollon PRO.

Method of applying sliders to the top:

  • on the camouflage cover we apply a thin layer of top and dry it in the lamp for a few seconds.
  • on the sticky layer we put the slider design. On this sticky layer, the slider can be easily moved, tweaked and slightly stretched, without fearing that it will tear, as in the case with the "wet base".
  • with a nail file or a bass, we remove the excess from the free edge, but it must be done very carefully so that the dust does not get on the nail plate.
  • we dry the top time and overlap the design with two more layers of top.

That's such a wonderful, stylish and very unusual manicure we got.



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