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Nud manicure with stripes

by Елена Иванова

Do you like natural nails? Then manicure in nude style is just for you. It is the body manicure is always in the leaders regardless of the season. And add a little variety and originality to the natural image of our sliders.

For this manicure we will need:



First, strengthen the nails with a thick gel-polish and give the nails a shape. We recommend doing this in this order, as shaping after strengthening makes the appearance of the nails more neat.


To give a gentle effect, similar to the effect of a manicure in the style of "baby boomer", we used a gently beige gel polish with a shimmer Cristina (shade 1689). To achieve a dense coating, we needed to apply three layers of this shade.


Next, take the slider design from BPW with the airbrushing effect (номер 3-70w). This is a very delicate slider with horizontal stripes, which vary in the degree of saturation, creating an airbrush effect. To fix the slider and be sure that it will last for us on the nails before removal, we use the method of applying the slider-design "on a wet base" and fix the result top gel polish MollonPRO, which, thanks to its density and viscosity, is great for working with slider-design.

Here we have such gentle and original manicure.



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