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Gel for painting on nails

Innovative "smart" gel-colors brought the design technology to a new level. All new Fantasy Nails gel-colors are specially designed so that even a master who never used paints for nails in his life could get a clear, even picture of the highest quality.

Characteristics of gel colors:

  • Dense color and medium-thick texture;
  • Unique protection "under crack" from the cracking pattern;
  • Easy work on any artificial materials: acrylic, gel, gel-varnish. have polymers related to these materials in the composition;
  • Double protection against burnout and pallor;
  • Suitable for any style of drawing, for any fantasy of a nyl master;
  • The economy of use of 15% - the benefits are obvious!
  • As consumption is not dense because. without solvents in the composition;
  • All 29 colors can be mixed, getting other shades;
  • Withdrawal of filings quickly and without problems;
  • Ideal in the technique of "casting".

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