Review of Mollon Pro Gel Polishes

Дата публикации 10/12/2017

In the conditions of modern life, any woman wants to have beautiful well-groomed hands, whether she is a business lady or a housewife. Hands are sort of a trademark for a woman, so it is very important that they remain attractive as long as possible. Healthy beautiful nails play an important role in this. Nails of neutral colors can decorate your everyday style, and intense colors may not only complement your bright image but also reflect your inner world.

How to choose a UV lamp

Дата публикации 09/29/2017

Ultraviolet lamp or UV lamp is a device that provides polymerization of a special agent on the nails.

Mehndi nail art

Дата публикации 09/23/2017

Mehndi designs have a long history. Many girls know about this body art and many of them have even tried it. It actually looks stylish and beautiful. As a rule, mehndi is applied on the body, but this summer the masters of the nail industry have surprised us by creating real drawings in this style for the nails. It has to be said that it looks simply amazing: thin lines, unusual patterns attract the eye.

Autumn-Winter 2017 Manicure Trends

Дата публикации 09/13/2017

very girl always pays attention to the new trends of fashion. And it is not just shoes, clothes and all kinds of accessories, but also manicure. After all, this is an important part of any image, and therefore the proper attention should be given to it.

In order to keep pace with fashion this year, we need to understand the new autumn-winter 2017 trends in the nail art industry.


How to choose a manicure machine

Дата публикации 09/05/2017

Due to the development of technologies, the women are able to take care of their hands and feet, not only in professional salons but also at home. However, this will require a special manicure machine. The modern market offers a wide selection of such machines, but not all of them are suitable for doing a good manicure and pedicure.


Why do you need a manicure machine?

Before looking for a suitable machine, you need to figure out why you need it. You can easily perform the following procedures with the help of this equipment:

Cherry manicure

Дата публикации 09/02/2017

Hello, everyone! Today I will tell you about the appetizing cherry manicure. Earlier (a link to the previous material), I have already told about the technique of applying slider-design, today I want to share the technique of applying the design to the entire nail plate.


Stamping nail art

Дата публикации 08/29/2017

Manicure is an art that draws attention to well-groomed women’s hands. You can rarely see a modern fashionable woman without ornate patterns decorating her nails. Stamping nail art begins to gain popularity, both at home and at professional salons.


Alignment of the nail plate

Дата публикации 08/25/2017

Neat, well-groomed nails are the dream of any woman and today it may become a reality. Actually, many masters are ready to transform your dreams into reality. However, there is a little problem – not every woman has smooth nails. In this case, such a procedure as the alignment of the nail plate comes to the help.


Review of Mollon Pro HYBRID CARE SALON TREND gel polishes

Дата публикации 08/16/2017

In this article, we will tell you about Mollon PRO gel polishes.

This French brand has long been known in the market. The top of this brand perfectly deals with the problem of durability of slider-designs. In search of useful information, you will often find forums and groups of social networks confirming that the top of this brand is the best means to ensure the durability of a slider manicure. Well, let’s begin.


Sweet manicure with decal stickers

Дата публикации 08/10/2017

You will need the following tools to do this manicure:

1. Gel polish base (preferably not thick);

2. Colored gel polish (white or light colors);

3. Gel polish top (for example Mollon Pro HYBRID CARE SALON TREND UV/LED TOP COAT);

4. Slider design with any pattern you like;

5. Glass of water;

6. Paper napkin;

7. Silicone pusher or soft flat brush;

8. Pincers.

Apply the gel polish base on each nail, and then the colored gel polish on top. Since we use a slider design which requires a white base (otherwise the pattern will not be bright and will turn into a base color), it is recommended to apply a white gel polish. But still, small deviations from the white color are possible. In this case, we use the pale pink Cristina gel polish (color 1408), if desired, you may use other light colors, this will not affect the pattern. You can choose gel polihes in catlogue Gel Polish

Manicure with nail stencils DEEP DESIGN

Дата публикации 08/08/2017

To perform a manicure you will need the following materials:

• Base coat for gel polish;

• Nail stencils;

• Orange stick;

• Color gel polish;

• Nail brush;

• Top coat for gel polish.

In this master class, we use a gel polish with the effect of a cat's eye, so you'll need a special magnet:


Detachment when working with slider-design

Дата публикации 06/20/2017

As practice shows, many manicurists who start working with slider-design and photo design stickers, face the problem of material detachment within 2-3 days after coating. The main causes of this problem are listed below. So, what do you need to pay attention to when working with slider design and photo design?


Manicure with metallic stickers

Дата публикации 06/20/2017

These stickers are quite simple to use. They are already equipped with a sticky layer. In this case, I fixed the stickers on the base layer, here it is required to level the nail plate, in extreme case, you may simply cover it with two base layers to ensure that all the nail parts have coating when removing the adhesiveness. In case color coating, this is not necessary.

Let’s do it step by step:

​Manicure with nail wrap

Дата публикации 06/16/2017

Perhaps, all the women dream of beautiful, well-groomed nails. Sometimes, to achieve a beautiful manicure, experts use some tricks to quickly create an unusual design. One of these tricks is a nail wrap.


Sweet bloom manicure

Дата публикации 06/15/2017

Beautiful manicure is something that completes the image of every woman. Elegant, beautiful and not always standard design of nails will give a bright zest.

Sweet bloom manicure is a type of pattern application, performed mainly in pastel, quiet colours with a three-dimensional image. Every detail of this manicure must be finished with a flat contour. For this, black colour is often used. As for a pattern, geometric patterns or floral elements can be used. This design has become popular in 2017, and therefore it can be attributed to the fashionable trends of spring-summer.



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