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Company BPW.Style is a leading manufacturer of decal nail stickers, nail wraps, stencils for manicure.

Our advantages:

• We are constantly improving, introducing new technologies that allow us to reduce the cost of production, we conclude direct Supply contracts with manufacturers of consumables.

• We develop new designs every day in a high-quality format.

• We supply large masters of our products to masters and dealers on a daily basis.

• We produce high-quality product: the best film from existing, high-quality image rendering, ease of use, reliability.

• We are constantly working on the service.

We guarantee:

• flexible system of discounts

• high level of service

• wide range of goods

• prompt delivery

Wholesale discount on decal nail stickers are calculated automatically when placing an order on the site according to the scheme:

The amount of the order from $20 - discount 10%

The amount of the order from $50 - discount 15%

The amount of the order from $85 - discount 20%

The amount of the order from $170 - discount 30%

Additional discount for orders more than $330

If you:

• represent a retail store (online store) of goods for nail masters;

• plan your own business with minimal investment;

• beauty salon using modern technologies;

• want to become a regional dealer for the sale of decal-stickers

Write and call us. We'll show you everything and show you! And if necessary, we will teach!

Email: eu@bpw.style

Phone: +79055104050