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Volume manicure snake skin

by Елена Иванова

Do you agree that among the most unusual manicures a special place is occupied by manicure "snake skin"? A print under the skin of a snake can be found in the design of bags, clothes, shoes ... Neil masters also did not bypass this trend side. Now there are many options for doing such a manicure: hand-painted gel-varnishes, stencils and even manicure using natural snake skin. We offer you a variant of an unusual manicure for snake skin with the use of a 3D slider 3d effect.

For this manicure we will need:



First, we cover the nails with a thick base to even and strengthen them.


The little finger and the index finger are covered with blue gel-polish from NeoNail (shade 3648-1, two layers) and top. With these nails we finished. And on the middle and nameless we apply two layers of white gel-polish Cristina, shade 1323 (for this kind of slider-design a white background is not necessary).


Well, then we apply the slider design from BPW with the effect of 3-D (number 3d-65 mini).



Since this is a three-dimensional slider design, we do not risk putting it in any way, except as a "wet base" method. As a base we use base MollonPRO. It fits perfectly, because it is not very thick and viscous, and it can be easily made thin without increasing the thickness of the manicure.

After applying a thin layer of the base, put the slider on it and carefully align it. Since this slider is on the entire nail plate, pay special attention to the butt of the nail: remove a few bulky elements from the very edge, since otherwise the manicure can quickly begin to shear. After aligning the slider and removing the excess from the end, dry it.

To fix the design from above, make it resistant to dirt, but do not lose the volume, we take the top without an adhesive layer (in general, it is possible and with sticky, but when working with volumetric designs so it is more convenient), squeeze the brush, and lightly move all over the surface of the nail plate, paying special attention to the edges of the slider-design. After that, we dry.

Here we have such an unusual voluminous manicure with snake skin.




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Contrast black and white manicure

by Елена Иванова

Contrasting black and white manicure with stripes will look good in any way, because the black and white combination is a classic for all time. Although a few years ago black manicure was associated with something gloomy and dark. Today, manicure in black does not cause negative, but on the contrary becomes more popular among women of different ages. You can easily diversify the manicure in dark colors with the help of decal nail sticker BPW.style.

For this manicure we will need:



To begin with, we strengthen and smooth the nails with a thick base, and then - shape the nails.


Next, apply a black gel polish Cristina (shade 1348) in two layers to get a dense coating.


To achieve a contrast and very unusual effect on the nails, we used the BPW slider design with the airbrushing effect(number 3-31, white).

This slider-design is applied to slightly dried base polish Mollon PRO. On the sticky layer, smooth the slider, remove the irregularities and slightly stretch, so that the pattern lay flat on the nail plate. After the slider has taken the desired form, we dry the base with the slider the right time. With the baff we remove the slider from the end, trying not to spray (if you are still not sure about the result, the butt can be slightly passed by the primer, but do not overdo it, otherwise the drawing will crawl behind the brush). Two more times we cover the slider-designн top polish Mollon PRO and remove the sticky layer.

Here we have such an unusual effect on the nails.



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Nud french geometric manicure

by Елена Иванова

Nude manicure is definitely our favorite. But how to give it originality? Our answer is with the help of sliders. Previously, we have repeatedly suggested to you the idea of using transfer decals in the design of nails. In this MK we will share with you the idea of a geometric French manicure using gradient sliders BPW.style. More stickers aerography effect in our catalogue

So, what we need to create this design:



With the help of a thick base for gel-varnish we strengthen the nails and give them a shape.


As a coating for nails, we chose camouflage gel-varnish Kodi, shade 69. This is one of the most realistic camouflage that we have met. In two layers this shade gives a dense color, but here we put it in one layer, as in the future we plan to cover the free edge with a slider-design.


We decided to make a kind of French manicure, just a triangular shape and black. To do this, we use a slider design with the aerography effect BPW 3-71.


Scissors make the slider design the right shape. As a fix for the slider design, we used the "slightly dried top" method. Use in this case a better top, suitable for slider design, namely thick and viscous. Ideally suited to the top of the Mollon PRO.

Method of applying sliders to the top:

  • on the camouflage cover we apply a thin layer of top and dry it in the lamp for a few seconds.
  • on the sticky layer we put the slider design. On this sticky layer, the slider can be easily moved, tweaked and slightly stretched, without fearing that it will tear, as in the case with the "wet base".
  • with a nail file or a bass, we remove the excess from the free edge, but it must be done very carefully so that the dust does not get on the nail plate.
  • we dry the top time and overlap the design with two more layers of top.

That's such a wonderful, stylish and very unusual manicure we got.



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Manicure with graphic butterflies

by Елена Иванова

The design of nails with butterflies is usually one of the most popular manicures of the SPRING / SUMMER season, because butterflies are a symbol of tenderness, lightness and fragility. Butterflies can be large and small, bright and monophonic, they can also be used on all nails or as an accent on just one finger. In today's MC, we offer you an interesting version of the design of nails with graphic butterflies.

For this manicure we will need:



First of all, we alignment nail plate (more about alignment in this article). You can use any base with which you are accustomed to work.


Next, apply a gentle pink gel polish. We used a пуд polish from the "Formula profi", shade 705. Gel-polish is applied in two layers.


As an ornament, we chose the slider design from BPW with the airbrush effect number 3-68b in black color.


This slider design we put on top polish MollonPRO, pre-drying it a few seconds. Thus, the slider falls well on the surface, it perfectly slides over the sticky layer and is well fixed afterwards. After we have laid down the slider, the top is dried another 1 minute. Top with two more layers of this top. That's such a cute air manicure with no less air butterflies we have turned out.



And the option under the matt top Lianail:



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Nud manicure with stripes

by Елена Иванова

Do you like natural nails? Then manicure in nude style is just for you. It is the body manicure is always in the leaders regardless of the season. And add a little variety and originality to the natural image of our sliders.

For this manicure we will need:



First, strengthen the nails with a thick gel-polish and give the nails a shape. We recommend doing this in this order, as shaping after strengthening makes the appearance of the nails more neat.


To give a gentle effect, similar to the effect of a manicure in the style of "baby boomer", we used a gently beige gel polish with a shimmer Cristina (shade 1689). To achieve a dense coating, we needed to apply three layers of this shade.


Next, take the slider design from BPW with the airbrushing effect (номер 3-70w). This is a very delicate slider with horizontal stripes, which vary in the degree of saturation, creating an airbrush effect. To fix the slider and be sure that it will last for us on the nails before removal, we use the method of applying the slider-design "on a wet base" and fix the result top gel polish MollonPRO, which, thanks to its density and viscosity, is great for working with slider-design.

Here we have such gentle and original manicure.



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Manicure with graphic flowers

by Елена Иванова

Today we will share with you the idea of doing a manicure with graphic colors. At the same time we will show how black gradient flowers look on a varnish of a dark shade. With a full collection of sliders with airbrushing effect, you can see in the section DECAL NAIL STICKERS GRADIENT AEROGRAPHY EFFECT

For this manicure we will need:



First of all, we alignment nail plate (more about alignment in this article). You can use any base with which you are accustomed to work.


Next, apply gel-polish Kodi (shade 166). To obtain a dense coating, we needed two layers.


The last step in the implementation of this manicure was the slider design. Today we chose decal nail sticker by BPW number 3-67b gradient effect (black color). Absolutely the same flowers are in white.


Since this slider-design does not cover the entire nail plate, but also because the method "on a wet base" seems to many more difficult, we decided to try another, no less reliable method. The whole process of working with the slider remains the same:

  • cut out the desired fragment
  • we lower in water
  • with the help of a dry napkin, we remove excess water
  • and put it on the nail plate.

The difference lies in the fact that the base, put in front of the slider-design (this, by the way, can be a top one), we polymerize in the lamp for a few seconds, so that the base will grab and not so quickly dissolve the film. This method gives additional time to fix the slider, if it was not laid as desired, smooth out excessive wrinkles, and only then dry the coating. We would advise in this case to use as a fastening two layers of top, which is suitable for slider-design, for example, a thick top gel polish by Mollon Pro.

That's such a nice spring manicure with flowers we got.




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Manicure with white feathers

by Елена Иванова

Light and air manicure with feathers will not leave any customer indifferent. Of course, an experienced master can easily draw feathers on nails from scratch, but if you do not have enough experience in the field of nail design, then our sliders for you.

For this manicure we will need:



First of all, we alignment nail plate (more about alignment in this article). You can use any base with which you are accustomed to work.


As the main color for manicure, we chose a gel-varnish from Masura, shade 290-125. We apply it in two layers to achieve a dense coating.


After polymerization, we apply the slider design from BPW 3-63 to the already familiar by all means on the wet base and fix it from thetop by Mollo PRO. This slider design has a remarkable gradient effect: the paint from slightly saturated gradually turns into bright. Here's a cute manicure with feathers we got.




Next, we decided to experiment a little and give a blue tint to the feathers. To do this, we put a stained glass gel-polish on top. We chose Michey, a shade of 170.


That's the shade of feathers.


In conclusion, all the manicure is covered with a matte top to make it velvety. To do this, matte top Lianail was used.


Here we have such an air manicure with feathers.



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Purple manicure with butterflies

by Елена Иванова

In spring, everything is renewed and transformed. Do not forget about the beauty of marigolds. Today we will tell you about a manicure in a purple hue, with which you can add a touch of warmth and tenderness to your usual style. So, take a note!

Для данного маникюра нам понадобятся:

  • Base gel polish;
  • Color gel polish;
  • White gel polish;
  • Top gel polish (we use top gel Mollon Pro);
  • Now wipe top gel polsh;
  • Decal nail sticker (we use slider BPW.style 1-1010);
  • Scissors;
  • Water;
  • Tweezers;
  • Napkins;
  • Orange stick;
  • Glitter pearl effect;
  • Sponge or silicone brush;
  • UV LED lamp (we use, SUN UV LED SUN 5).



First of all, we alignment nail plate (more about alignment in this article). You can use any base with which you are accustomed to work.


After that, we cover the little finger and index finger with gentle-lavender gel-varnish Kodi 134, and on the middle and ring fingers we apply white gel-varnish.


On the nails, covered with white gel-polish, we apply a slider design by BPW 1-1010 technique "on a wet base." There are mix of several watercolor butterflies. For our manicure we picked up a butterfly in a tone of lacquer.


The little finger and the index finger are covered with top without a sticky layer, in order to subsequently glitter with a pearl effect. In order for the glitter to lie well, it is important to follow a few simple rules:

  • Apply a glitter on the top without a sticky layer immediately after you get your hand out of the lamp (and dry the coating better one finger at a time)
  • Apply what you are most comfortable with. Someone applies a simple dry brush, someone who uses a sponge or a silicone brush, we rub with a clean finger, which was previously degreased.
  • As in the work with the slider, it is important that the grinding is well sealed with a top on all sides, and from the butt it is better to walk a little with a buff to remove the rubbing from there. Just do not overdo it so as not to remove the excess.

After completion, cover with top and remove the sticky layer.

Here we have such a gentle manicure with butterflies and pearl overflows.



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Bright manicure with volume flowers

by Елена Иванова

Today we will share with you the idea of a bright manicure with a volume floral sliders.

To perform this manicure we will need:

1. Gel polish base (preferably not thick);

2. Color gel-polish (we used white, but for this type of sliders the color does not matter);

3. Top (it is better to use medium density);

4. Decal nail sticker (we use slider volume effect 3d36);

5. Thin brush (for example, Roubloff striper 10);

6. UV/LED lamp (for example, SUN UV LED SUN 5).

7. Scissors;

8. Orange stick / silicone hoof;

9. Tweezers;

10. Water;

11. Napkin;

12. Liquid for removal of an adhesive layer



First, we cover the nails with a base. If your nails are very thin, then it's better to use a thick base. The base needs to be dried well.


On all the nails, apply a bright red gel-lacquer Cristina (shade 1412). To obtain a dense coating, two layers are required. Dry.


The little finger is covered with top, as we have already finished with it. And the rest of the nails are decorated with a slider design by BPW 3d-44.


This decal nail sticker is a combination of conventional slider design and volume prints in the form of flowers and holes. For the middle finger, we cut out the slider around the entire nail, and for the index finger and the nameless one take one small volumetric floret. About work with 3d slider-designs we have already told before. Nothing unusual and complex here. The only thing that such sliders recommend is spreading on a wet base, if you want to wear a design for a long time. In addition, the volume areas on the design are less elastic, and on a wet base they are more convenient to stack. Also with this method, during drying, even the design corners do not depart from the nail plate. As a substrate for the slider design, we use a base from Mollon PRO, as it is thin and does not give a volume coverage.

After drying the base under the slider, take a thin brush, wet it in top gel by Mollon PRO and carefully pass through all areas of the nail plate, bypassing the volume parts, so as not to smooth out the volume. After, almost dry with a brush, we pass through three-dimensional sections to cover them with a thin layer of the base and protect from external influences (after all white flowers can very quickly get dirty).

Here we have such a bright holiday manicure.



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Delicate spring manicure

by Елена Иванова

Today we will tell you about the manicure, which is perfect for early spring.

Для выполнения данного маникюра вам понадобятся:

1. Gel polish base (preferably not thick);

2. Color gel-polish (we used white, but for this type of sliders the color does not matter);

3. Top (it is better to use medium density);

4. Decal nail sticker (we use slider volume effect 3d36);

5. Thin brush (for example, Roubloff striper 10);

6. UV/LED lamp (for example, SUN UV LED SUN 5).

First of all, we alignment nail plate (more about alignment in this article) and cover white gel polish (we use gel polish Cristina, color 1323).


The little finger and the forefinger were covered with top, since we finished with these nails. To decorate the middle and ring fingers, we took a 3D slider from BPW number 3d-36.


About what a 3D slider is, we've already told you before. Apply this slider is recommended by the method "on a wet base", this design is applied more reliably in this way.

Put the slider on the base, carefully dry, and then, with a thin brush cover Mollon PRO top gel, fading matte volume pieces of design to leave them frosted. A very thin layer of top will not work here, so we use a thicker top that will level the surface of the nail plate and smooth the film from the slider. Very thick, too, is not recommended in this case: a thick layer of top will increase the thickness of the coating and make the volume of the picture less noticeable.



Here we have such a gentle manicure with spring notes.


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Manicure with geometric patterns

by Елена Иванова

Geometry has recently become very popular. It is quite simple to perform, if you have a well developed eye and the hand clearly draws straight lines. If everything is complicated, then you can use special sliders with geometric patterns

You will need the following tools to do this manicure:



3. Color gel polish (we useMollon Pro HYBRID CARE SALON TREND 12);

4. Decal nail sticker (we use слайдер 1-1022);

5. Thin brush (we use, Roubloff страйпер 10);

6. Gel for painting;

7. Top matte;

8. Rhinstones.


Put the base on all the nails. For example, HYBRID CARE SALON TREND UV/LED BASE COAT. and color gel polish (we use Mollon Pro HYBRID CARE SALON TREND 12).


Then you can take a brush and gel-paint and start drawing, but to achieve an even and symmetrical pattern, we use the slider-design "BPW.Style" (number 1-1022).


We put the slider on the middle and ring fingers (the technique of applying the slider-design see here). Here is a manicure with a slider-design we got.


All the manicure covered with top matte (here used the top of Lianail), remove the sticky layer and start painting. Here you can use a glossy top, gel-jelly (if you want to add volume to the picture), we used a black gel-paint Royal. We put a small drop on the palette and we collect the paint on the brush.


In fact, we just duplicate the slider design, making it glossy, and the color is more saturated. Each line is dried in a lamp for several seconds, so that the drawing does not smear and does not spread.


After all the lines are drawn, dry.


To further decorate the manicure, use black rhinestones.


Here we have such a stylish manicure with geometric patterns.


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French manicure with decal nail sticker

by Елена Иванова

Today we will talk about the beloved of many girls, and hated by many masters, the French manicure.

Of course, many masters have already got so much hands that with an easy movement of the brush they get an ideal symmetrical smile, but what should girls do that are taken in the hands only on holidays? Today we will share an easy way to accomplish this manicure.

You will need the following tools to do this manicure:

1. Gel polish base (preferably not thick);

2. Camouflage gel polish (we use HYBRID CARE SALON TREND UV/LED №003);

3. White gel polish (preferably thick);

4. Gel polish top (for example Mollon Pro HYBRID CARE SALON TREND UV/LED TOP COAT);

5. Nail file;

6. Thin brush (for example, Roubloff кисть синтетика страйпер 10);

7. Skew brush;

8. Decal nail sticker (we use white decal nail sticker bsd 2-47)


Put the base on all the nails. Here it is better to use a thin base, so as not to add volume to the coating. For example, База HYBRID CARE SALON TREND UV/LED BASE COAT. After polymerization, apply the milk gel polish Mollon PRO (shade 3). It will give an easy nude shade to the nail plate.


Next, remove the sticky layer and lightly remove the gloss in the place where we will draw a smile line. This is not an obligatory step, but the gel-lacquer will spread more slowly over the matte surface.


Now we need a white gel polish. It is desirable to use a dense gel polish, so that it copes well with the smile line in one layer. Many girls complain that the French manicure is worse keeps, the cracks and chips begin earlier. The fact is that in the pursuit of a dense white smile, many forget that a thick drop of gel-varnish is worse polymerized, worse keeps and, in consequence, very quickly cleaves. In addition, the difference in the thickness of the coating gives the manicure an untidy look. In order not to type excess material on the brush, we recommend putting a small drop of gel polish on the foil and working with it, removing excess on it.


Such a drop without problems will suffice for the whole manicure. Next, put a drop in the middle of the free edge. If you want to make the nail plate more elongated, then leave a small free edge. At the edges of the nail plate, we also put two symmetrical points, indicating a smile at the top of the line. It depends on your taste, who somehow likes "antennae" more authentic, someone is shorter.


The next step is the most responsible. It is necessary to smoothly connect these points, trying to make the line as flat as possible.


At this step you may have small irregularities. To eliminate such shortcomings, use a densely packed beveled brush slightly moistened with a clinker. She has short thick hairs and less chance that one of the hairs "springs" and hooks the line of a smile. After we have achieved a good result - dry.

Next, we apply another layer of Mollon PRO gel polish (shade 3). So the smile line will be less contrast. By the way, this step can be performed also in the event that you did not succeed in achieving an ideal line: the camouflage layer will slightly smooth the transition and make flaws less noticeable. That's what a ready-made fingernail looks like.


Tthis is how the manicure as a whole looks like.


The unnamed finger is left without a smile to decorate it with a slider design with white flowers. For this we use the slider design "BPW.Style" номер bsd2-47.


Then cover the top.



This design can also be decorated with rhinstones, bouillon, but in itself it fits perfectly into the French manicure. To complete this manicure, we recommend using a thick top to even out a small difference in the thickness of the coating because of a smile.

Here we have such a gentle manicure. In our opinion, this is the perfect version of the manicure for the wedding.


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​Sweetbloom маникюр с объемным слайдером

by Елена Иванова

This article will tell you about the technique of manicure with three-dimensional patterns. Nowadays, we have so many tools to create three-dimensional designs on the nails: gel paste, plasticine or gel jelly, which is also suitable for this task. But today we will consider a simpler way of creating this design: using a 3D slider.

You need the following tools to do this manicure:

1. Base (preferably suitable for aligning the nail plate);

2. Liquid base, which can be applied in a thin layer (we use HYBRID CARE SALON TREND UV/LED BASE COAT);

3. Colored gel varnish (for example HYBRID CARE SALON TREND UV/LED №131);


5. 3D decal nail sticker (we use slider 3d-32)


First, level the nail plate. You can find more information about this in the article It is important to do this step before applying the slider design, as otherwise the leveling layer over the design will simply even the entire volume of your pattern. After that, apply a bright blue gel-varnish. For this we used a base from Kodi. On top, we apply beige gel varnish Kodi (shade 69).


We have chosen a snowflake slider design for our manicure. (number 3D-32).



This design takes up the entire length of the nail, so you need to remove the surplus beforehand so that the entire area of the slider lies on the nail plate, while there is still a small margin in order to secure it well. Since in our case, the design was a bit too big, remove the circles, which later decorate the other nails.


Looking ahead, it should be said that it is not worth it to cut out the slider so close (as we did) to the three-dimensional image. Let there be a small stock of film, surrounding the image, so it will be easier to fix the slider on the nail, and it will not return to the original flat view of the picture, but will lie confidently, snug against the nail plate.

We put a base on the nails with a thin layer, we used the base from Mollon PRO, since it is not as thick as the base from Kodi, it will be easier to apply a thin layer and the liquid base will better adhere to the film from the slider design. The design is lowered for a few seconds into the water, we soak the excess moisture through a napkin and put it on the nail



After the design was laid and carefully smoothed it on the nail plate, all the air bubbles were removed - dry.

We take the top for gel-polish, in our opinion, in this case, the top Mollon PRO, famous for its wonderful qualities in working with slider-design, is more than ever perfect. Put a thin layer, dry. Be sure that the cuticle, the side rollers and the butt of the nail have a small indentation from the design and there is an opportunity to carefully seal it. Strongly brush with a brush around the picture is not worth it - smooth out the relief, but we do not need it. Dry.



Also want to show you how this design will look without gloss. To do this, we apply a matte top from Lianail.


And then we decided to add extra volume with a thin brush and gel-gel (I used gel-jelly from BPW.Style).


Taking a small drop of gel on the brush, gently put the point in accordance with the picture, adding even more volume. Having made several points (not neighboring, otherwise they can become one big), dry a few seconds in the lamp so that the material does not spread. And so on until all the points are set.

As a result, we got an alternative to SweetBloom, although the volume is added here in a transparent, not colored gel, and due to the fact that the design is not painted by hand, the points turned out to be sharper and neater.



It should be noted that in the sock 3D the slider does not deliver any problems, even at the tips of the nails, the main thing is to make sure several times that the drawing is well sealed.

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How to do a French Manicure with Gel-Polish

by Елена Иванова

Despite the fact that there are so many designs for the decoration of the nail plate, French manicure design remains one of the most popular ones. It is worth noting that if you use a standard varnish to apply it, you can soon see the cracks and chips of the coating, which is why the gel-varnish is used now, the service life of which is much better, but on condition that all the stages of the technology are observed. On average, this manicure will last about 3-4 weeks.


Technology of Creating a French Manicure

1. First of all, it is required to apply a primer to the pre-treated nails and to wait a couple of minutes for it to dry. The primer should be applied to the root of natural nails, gradually moving to the edge.

2. The base is applied in a thin layer, and the nails are dried under a lamp.

3. The main color is applied, and the nails are dried again under the lamp.

4. Next, a white line is drawn on the tip of the nail in the form of a smile. The varnish can be applied by hand, using special stickers and stencils. Do not worry if the line is not very smooth, as the characteristic feature of gel-varnish is that it can be corrected.

5. To draw this line, you can use gel-varnish or ordinary acrylic paint, but it does not require drying.

6. Next, it is required to apply the top and dry it.

7. Finally, you need to apply a moisturizing compound to the area of the cuticle and periungual tissue. It is required to make the fore-and-aft motions for the correct and full penetration of the agent. This will improve the manicure quality, saturate tissues with vitamins and improve the beauty of the hands.

It is important to note that you can apply the base layer, and then draw a smile line on it, or you can simply join two kinds of varnish in the right place. The second technique is more complicated, but it eliminates the layering of varnishes, which means that the durability of the manicure increases. The first variant of doing a French manicure is suitable for homemade decoration since it is very easy to create a smile with the help of a stencil. When buying tools and varnishes it is worth giving preference to professional tools. If you save on materials, it is unlikely that you will be happy with the result.


Recommendations of Specialists

1. To remove the gel-varnish properly, you need to prepare such products as a foil, wadded disks, remover and varnish remover.

2. It is best to apply the decor to the color, as the design paint will quickly and easily stick, so you just need to remember about the top cover.

3. Dry in the lamp as long as indicated on the manufacturer’s packaging. On average it takes 2 minutes. If the top is overexposed, the coating will dissolve instead of strengthening.

4. When applying gel-varnish, do not forget to treat the edge. Thus, the nail plate is sealed under a dense film. Otherwise, the applied layers will soon gradually peel off, and the corners will break off.

5. Each subsequent layer of varnish is applied as thinly as possible. In other words, the cover should completely cover the nail plate, but without any streaks and irregularities.

6. After application of each layer, it forms a sticky film, which is removed only from the top.

7. It is permissible to apply not more than 3 layers of gel-varnish.

It is important that all the materials should have excellent quality because if they contain toxic components, this can affect the health of the nail and cuticle. In addition, it is necessary not to exceed the time of keeping the nails in the lamp, which will not only spoil all the work but also may negatively affect the health of the skin around the nail.


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Negative Space Style Manicure

by Елена Иванова

In 2017, an unusual technique of applying manicure became the hottest new trend. Although this technique existed before, it has become popular only in the past two years. The name of the technique is negative space. The manicure is original and incredibly beautiful. It will help you to significantly transform your image and to make it more unusual and mysterious.


You can do this kind of manicure by yourself. To do it, you do not need to use certain devices or buy special sets, and there are three ways to create such a decor on the nails.

The main feature of this decor is its unusual design, which consists in varnishing only a part of the nail, keeping the natural color of the remaining part. Not so much time has passed since the negative space began to gain popularity. However, it has spread around the world, it is available in all beauty salons and, most importantly, there are many interpretations of how to decorate the nails in this style.


What is Unique about Negative Space?

This technique of nail design has a lot of positive aspects. In particular:

• The decor is suitable for any woman regardless of her age;

• It can be combined with different styles of design;

• The decor will be in perfect harmony with any color gammas of clothes and shoes;

• The design is suitable for a nail plate of any length.

Design Techniques

The main distinguishing feature of this type of manicure is the drawing of diverse geometric shapes.

The patterns can be either simple or complex – for example, combined. At the present time, there are 3 ways to create such a manicure, and each of them is simple even to decorate yourself.

1. The simplest variant of applying manicure is varnishing the entire nail plate, and then cleaning the desired areas with a cotton swab dipped in a nail varnish remover. The disadvantage of this technique is that the decor is a bit blurry, and it is not possible to create the maximally clear contours.

2. The second technique is also not very difficult, as for the decoration you need to stick an adhesive tape on the nail plate, in the form of special figures. These can be strips, zigzags, squares or diamonds. Next, you need to apply varnish and remove the adhesive tape until the varnish has not dried out. In this case, a negative space is a place on the nail, which is not varnished.

You can use special nail stencils to do this manicure. You can choose it in our web shop in the catalogue Nail stencils.


3. The third technique is slightly more difficult to do, and it will require experience and assistance. The difficulty lies in the fact that the negative space of the nail is applied separately. First, simple geometric shapes are applied, which are outlined and left uncovered. The part of the nail that is outside the contour should be varnished. It must be done as carefully as possible.

A type of nail design, such as the negative space, will be an excellent choice for fashion women, as well as for those who prefer to choose the minimalism style. It is worth noting that a manicure can be done using varnishes with different effects, types, and colors, so each decor will be extraordinarily beautiful and stylish. In this case, your fantasy is free of limitations, and you can create your most unimaginable ideas. The most important thing is the accuracy and compliance with the technique.

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