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Nail wraps

nail wraps

Nail wraps - thin and flexible nail stickers. Easy to use.

• The best film thickness for nails is only 50 microns. We tested about 50 different films of the world's leading manufacturers. And only one justified our expectations.

• Better film elasticity - the film can be glued to uneven surfaces without fear of deformation

• Better adhesive base - the adhesive layer is strong enough to stick even to the non-skimmed surface and, at the same time, is soft enough to be easy to remove the sticker after 3 weeks of use.

• Better adaptation to weather conditions - the film can be used in hot and cold weather, nothing will happen to it.

• Easy and simple to use, does not require special training

• Not washed off under the coating (the newest printing method)

• 26 records in each mix set

• Stylish packaging with mini instructionsYou can change them once a day or once a month. It's part of your personality.

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