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Nail stencils

Nail stencils - an inexpensive alternative to stamping plates. However, at a low price, there is such an advantage as a huge choice of design options for nails.

BPWstyle is glad to offer the best stencils for airbrushing and deep design stencils. With it, you can put on the nails such popular patterns as traceries, flowers, animals.

Vinyl stencils for nails BPW.style easily attached to the nail, and also easily removed after applying the polish. During use, the stencil fits tightly against the nail plate and prevents varnish from spreading.

Stencils are also used to create a moon manicure and a French (French manicure).

The low price of stencils for nails gives the masters of manicure a lot of space in the implementation of their ideas and customer wishes.

How to use nail stencils you can read on our blog.

Also in our store are selling reusable stencils - stamping plates.

Buy stencils for nails can be found in our online store bpw.style